Environmental - CartoConsult: Geospatial services specialist



CartoConsult provides Environmental consultants with GIS solutions so that you can capture, analyse, visualise and reliably report environmental impact on your projects. Everything from inventory of habitats, studying protected species to evaluating multiple environmental datasets.

With access to a plethora of environmental data, CartoConsult will support consultants in understanding the impact on the environment that proposed developments bring and enable you to inform clients how to best position their proposed development reducing the impact on the environment.

CartoConsult is a reseller for rugged data capture hardware and has developed software for capture of Phase I Habitat information. CartoConsult has also developed automated tools for reporting habitat loss, making this a reliable and cost effective solution for calculating impact of proposed developments.

CartoConsult’s Environmental solutions include:

  • Mobile data capture (software/hardware)
  • 3D topography application
  • Impact analysis
  • Phase I and II Habitat digitisation
  • Protected species digitisation
  • Tree Mapping data (location and canopy sizes)
  • High resolution aerial imagery
  • Normalised Vegetation Difference Index (NDVI)