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What we do



CartoConsult provides architectural 2D and 3D design, external and internal rendering for residential and commercial property marketing campaigns.


Commercial Property Development

CartoConsult provides land analysis solutions to property and land developers.




CartoConsult provides Environmental consultants with GIS solutions so that you can capture, analyse, visualise and reliably report environmental impact on your projects.




CartoConsult use geospatial technology to streamline planning of highways.


Landscape Architecture

CartoConsult brings accuracy and context to Landscape Architect designs.


Urban Planning

The beauty of using GIS is the number of datasets that can be integrated to build a realistic picture of what currently exists to inform what might exist.


Clients & partners: people we work with

The work carried out by CartoConsult has proved invaluable in helping to identify suitable crematoria sites and secure planning consent.

As a result of the work carried out by CartoConsult, we have been able to demonstrate to Local Authorities that we have selected the most suitable site for a new crematorium. Some of these sites have been located within the Green Belt, so presenting a strong case has been crucial.

In fact, as a result of the work undertaken by CartoConsult, we recently obtained planning consent for a new crematorium in the Green Belt on the Edge of Derby.


Without CartoConsult’s innovative digital GIS mapping services, we would not have been able to report reliably on the impact of the design options in our LVIA report. CartoConsult provided professional, high quality graphics that very clearly showed the impact of the two designs, and that had a big impact on stakeholder confidence and engagement.

CartoConsult delivered the project the next day at what we considered to be a very reasonable cost. To turnaround work this quickly and produce such a professional graphics was impressive.


Working closely with CartoConsult Limited as a reseller, CyberCity 3D can deliver smart 3D building content along with streaming web services to certain key customers throughout the region.

CartoConsult will add much needed locality to the UK, project management, product innovation and account management. We look forward to this being a long, established relationship.”


Working with CartoConsult, we were able to provide easy to interpret, visual evidence to support the site owner’s plans for expansion and restoration,” commented David Brittain, Director of DBLC. “The topography of the landscape and the sensitivity of its AONB location contributed to both the importance of the project and some of the difficulties encountered during the various stages of the planning application.

“CartoConsult provided a first class service throughout, responding in a knowledgeable and timely manner to both the initial scope of work as well as feedback as the project commenced.”


CartoConsult partners, Garsdale Design, are pioneers in the use of Esri CityEngine for urban design and city master planning projects.  They can offer a range of visualisation and CityEngine services and training. Elliot Hartley, their CityEngine and Geodesign expert, has a deep knowledge of CityEngine implementations in various industries (planning, urban design, universities and the military) has worked extensively with clients in the United Kingdom, Europe, Middle East and North America.


We used CartoConsult for maps within both of their upcoming university prospectuses for my client. We chose CartoConsult after seeing a great 3D map creation within The Evening Standard newspaper. Creating our standard university maps in 3D brought them to life and added an additional depth of interest. CartoConsult were very helpful throughout the process from the initial conversation right through to a very speedy delivery and cost effective solution.

The marketing team and our agency creative team are very pleased with the final look and feel of the 3D Maps and will certainly consider CartoConsult for any future mapping needs.”


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